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Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
730 Ft

Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)

Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Havit MS753 univerzális egér (fekete&piros)
Raktáron   (1604 db.)
730 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 3 Ft

Havit MS753 universal mouse

The MS753 computer mouse will work well both at work and at home. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it will be easily used by right- and left-handed people, children and adults. Made of excellent quality materials - it is extremely durable. The high-end optical drive ensures smooth operation of the device, and the USB 2.0 port guarantees faster response.


Convenience of use

The ergonomic design of the mouse provides extraordinary comfort of use. What's more, the design of the device makes it easy to operate for both right- and left-handed users. Convenient buttons and a scroll wheel will make using the computer much easier and more enjoyable.


Long life

The lifespan of 3 million clicks is very high for such a small model, and the materials used are extremely durable, further extending the service life. Havit MS753 mouse is surprisingly durable and resistant to damage - it will serve you perfectly for many years.


Comfort of work at the highest level

Optical drive is the biggest asset of the MS753 mouse, as it allows for smooth and precise operation. The product is equipped with silent scrolling technology, which gives almost silent operation, and thus high comfort. The connection through the USB 2.0 port ensures a much faster response time of the device.



Manufacturer Havit
Model MS753
Color Black and red
Mouse type Universal
Connectivity Wired, USB 2.0
Sensor Optical
Resolution 1000 DPI
Number of buttons 3
Scroll wheel Yes
Interface USB
839 HUF
12 hónap
Mennyiség dobozonként
100 db.
86 g/db.
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