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Vezeték nélküli mechanikus billentyűzet MOFII Lusc BT (piros)
Vezeték nélküli mechanikus billentyűzet MOFII Lusc BT (piros)
21 615 Ft

Vezeték nélküli mechanikus billentyűzet MOFII Lusc BT (piros)

Vezeték nélküli mechanikus billentyűzet MOFII Lusc BT (piros)
Raktáron   (23 db.)
21 615 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 86 Ft

MOFII Lusc BT mechanical wireless keyboard

Equipped with 84 keys, the MOFII Lusc keyboard impresses not only with its functionality, but also with its stylish design. The mechanical Blue switches ensure smooth operation, with a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks. The device connects to the computer wirelessly, via Bluetooth 5.1, and has an operating time of up to 6 months on a single charge. Also noteworthy is the backlighting of the keys, which increases their visibility after dark.

Reliable performance

Make your computer work easier. The keyboard is equipped with 84 round keys with Blue mechanical switches that provide reduced response time and smooth operation. This makes it perfect for a variety of applications. There are also practical function keys that allow you, for example, to conveniently operate the media player, adjust the volume or use the search engine.

Long working time

Don't be afraid of having to charge the keyboard frequently. A fully charged device works for up to 7 days with the backlight on, or for up to six months if the backlight is turned off. A durable 1200mAh battery is responsible for this. You can use the included USB-C cable to charge the keyboard. After about 3 hours, the device will be fully operational again!

Thoughtful design

Do you spend a lot of time at the computer? Take care of your comfort! The keyboard is distinguished by its ergonomic design, so you don't have to worry about fatigue or pain in your wrists - even during prolonged work. At the same time, the device looks extremely modern and elegant. What's more, the backlighting of the keys gives it an original character and makes it easier to use in the dark.

Bluetooth 5.1

With MOFII Lusc you will free yourself from cables, gain more freedom of movement and make it easier to keep your desk organized. The keyboard works wirelessly and connects to your computer using Bluetooth 5.1, which provides fast, stable transmission with a range of up to 10m. The device is compatible with systems such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android, and you'll have no problem pairing it.

In the box

  • Keyboard
  • USB-C cable (1.5m)
  • 2x pads
  • User manual
Model SK-645BTW
Type Mechanical
Color Red
Connection Wireless
Interface Bluetooth 5.1
Range in wireless mode Up to 10m
Number of keys 84
Switches Blue
Key life 50 million presses
Backlighting Yes
Operating intensity ≤8mA (during operation, backlight off), ≤100mA (during operation, backlight on), ≤1mA (in sleep mode)
Weight About 715g
Dimensions 351.6x134.6x36.8mm
Power supply Rechargeable polymer battery
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Operating time About 6 months (backlight off), about 7 days (backlight on)
Charging time About 3h
Compatibility Windows 2000 / XP / ME / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS, iOS, Android
Other Function keys, backlight adjustment
22 000 HUF
12 hónap
Mennyiség dobozonként
5 db.
Kapcsolók típusa
Mechanikus billentyűzetek
1,4 kg/db.
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