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Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
21 761 Ft

Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)

Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Lonizációs hajszárító ZHIBAI HL510 (sötétkék)
Raktáron   (62 db.)
21 761 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 87 Ft

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ZHIBAI HL510 ionization hair dryer

Enjoy fast hair drying without risking hair damage. ZHIBAI HL510 dryer stably maintains the temperature, and its power reaches 1800W. It allows you to choose from 3 temperature settings and 2 blowing speeds. It also uses ionization technology to protect hair from dryness and make it smooth. It also includes a magnetic concentrator.


Say goodbye to frizzy hair

Is your hair dry and brittle? Does it get static and frizzy and is quite a challenge to style? With ZHIBAI HL510 you will solve similar problems! The device offers ionization technology to protect your hair from dryness, moisturize it, add shine and close its cuticles. Problems with frizz and static will remain only an unpleasant memory! Now you can easily create the hairstyle of your dreams.


Impressive power

Don't waste time on long and tiring hair drying! ZHIBAI HL510 hair dryer is distinguished by the power of up to 1800W, which translates into its impressive performance. As a result, even long and thick hair will dry in just a few minutes! The device also stably maintains the temperature - you are not in danger of burning yourself. What's more, the dryer is equipped with a special cover - don't worry that your hair will get caught in it.


Many possibilities

Customize the dryer to suit your needs. The HL510 offers 3 heat settings - hot for quick drying, cold for easy styling, and alternating hot and cold to prevent dryness, leaving your hair moisturized and shiny. So you can easily create a stunning hairstyle! There are also 2 levels of airflow - strong and weaker. All this makes the dryer perfect for different types of hair.



The dryer is extremely easy to use and provides comfort of use. Convenient change of settings is enabled by special buttons, and the built-in indicator will allow you to quickly check the currently selected mode. The device fits well in your hand and is extremely lightweight. It is also distinguished by its relatively small size - you can easily fit it in your suitcase and take it with you on vacation.


Concentrator included

The kit also includes a rotating concentrator, which you can use to focus warm air on a selected strand of hair. This will dry them even faster, and make styling and straightening even easier. Magnetic elements allow you to easily attach it to the dryer. So many possibilities make the HL510 great for a variety of applications - at home, at the pool and in the hair salon.


In the box

  • Hair dryer
  • Concentrator
  • User manual



Model HL510
Name Hair dryer with ionization
Voltage 120V / 230V
Air speeds 2
Temperature 3
Quantity of released ions ≥2 mln / cm³
Rotational speed 20000 rpm
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 1800W
Dimensions 128x78x220mm



23 500 HUF
12 hónap
Mennyiség dobozonként
20 db.
utolsó szállítmány
894 g/db.
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